Plocka I & II

A5 zine

Plocka is a series of zines about foraging. The zines are aimed at young people who live in the cities in Småland, Sweden. I believe this group might be missing out on the benefits of living in between the urban and rural as all cities in Småland exist somewhere between the two. I wanted to get the reader to consider their food sources and nurture their relationship with nature. In the first edition, the reader is invited to go on an adventure to search for edible plants. The second edition is about mushrooms and includes a mushroom identification tool that teaches the reader to safely identify 100 edible mushrooms commonly found in Sweden. To create the content for the zines I researched other foraging books, websites and spoke to two foraging experts: Olle Nordlander a mushroom foraging guide in Kalmar, and Eric Måneld, chef and forager with years of experience. The process resulted in two simple foraging guides with a sense of humor. The playfulness came through jokes about poisonous mushrooms and a less serious attitude towards learning.