Emil Gunnarsson is a graphic designer from Reykjavík, Iceland, currently based in Stockholm. He graduated with a Master's degree in Visual Communication from Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts, and Design.  

Posters for Cornershop

Posters, menus and packaging for Cornershop. 

Illustrations for “The Supercat from Addis” by Maja Sten.
Posters (2024)


Logo for Cornershop. The typeface in the logo is a digitization of Edel Grotesk, a sans serif from Wagner & Schmidt, designed in 1908. 

Cornershop is a food studio and local restaurant founded by Una Hallgrímsdóttir. They create space for food-related explorations in various forms. It is a kitchen where sustainable cooking meets design and social engagement. They host dinner events, café openings, cooking classes, and catering.
Visual identity & type design (2024)

Observing the Maelstrom

Observing the Maelstrom is a publication that presents critical perspectives on technology, society, and design. It explores topics such as manipulative web design, biased algorithms, and commercial surveillance, by looking at the history of technology and the social impact of new media. The concept of technology is stretched and questioned. The texts consider shoes, smartphones, faucets, lightbulbs, arrows, typewriters, books, wheels, and quantum computers as technologies that expand our abilities and shape our behavior.

Published in May 2022
Size: 148 x 210 mm
Book design, creative writing & type design (2022)


Modern is a proportionally spaced typewriter typeface that traces its origins back to the IBM Executive typewriter. This digitisation of Modern was done in collaboration with and under the direction of Jonas Williamsson.

Situated on the island of Skeppsholmen in Stockholm, MDT (Moderna Dansteatern) is a theater dedicated to contemporary choreography and performance. Their recently updated graphic identity incorporates Modern as a key element.

All graphic design for MDT by Jonas Williamsson.
Type design (2023)

Infrastructure Humanities Group

Visual identity and website for “Infrastructure Humanities Group”, a research group at the University of Glasgow.

The logo features custom typography by me, a rectangular take on the Futura letterforms, which are a nod to Paul Renners initial sketches for Futura.

The concept of the identity revolves around transition/transformation and inversion/glitch which are two key conceptual themes in critical infrastructure studies.

Visual identity (2024)


Screen printed poster
Edition of 15
70x100 cm

Photographed at Södra Station, Stockholm
Printmaking (2021)